Aug. 10, 2021

Weight Loss Gambling & Unhealthy Government Tyranny

Weight Loss Gambling & Unhealthy Government Tyranny

How to win money through weight loss, the drug that reduces body fat, the number one cause of death, government overreach, PDA, pick-up artists, and the exercise that lowers testosterone.

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Is gambling with your health EVER a good idea? One company says you can make money by wagering on the amount of weight you can lose. So we discuss it.


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Here's some promising research about the drug that lowers the most dangerous types of body fat (visceral, ectopic): "Common weight-loss drug successfully targets fat that can endanger heart health."

I'm very hopeful about this new drug. But it raises a few questions: Should prescriptions and medical devices be used for weight loss as a last resort? Or should people just do it all without any medical intervention? And are the side effects of these interventions worse than the risks posed by obesity?

According to the CDC, the number one cause of death is heart disease.  If the CDC's stats are correct, you're far more likely to die from it than the virus we've all been told to panic over. Here are some shocking things you should know about it: CDC Heart Disease Facts

So if heart disease kills more people than anything else, why is the government not telling us to get to a healthy weight? This will greatly reduce our risks. Incidentally, getting to a healthy weight would also prevent  – you know what – from sending lots of people to the hospital.

But maybe a healthy population is not as profitable as an obese one.
So let's just keep injecting everyone with something that requires boosters every year, doesn't prevent infection, doesn't even prevent you from spreading infection, can't stop variants, and hasn't been studied long term. If the tyrants have their way, that's what we'll be forced to do.

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