April 27, 2021

The Anti-Aging Life Hack, Antibodies & Broken Heart Syndrome

The Anti-Aging Life Hack, Antibodies & Broken Heart Syndrome

The easiest way to slow aging, our experience with covid, flying poo particles, broken heart cures, and more!

On Our Minds

We finally caught the virus everyone's been talking about. So here's how long science says we'll be immune to it: STUDY
And here's what researchers say about how long your immunity lasts should you choose to get the jab: INFO
There's so much contradicting info that we'll be the first to admit that we know nothing... except that sunlight appears to helpful in fighting it and your odds of surviving it are better if you have a healthy body weight. STUDY, STUDY. But we're still stoked to have earned some antibodies for now. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that stuff.


How well have you been paying attention to health news? This week's quiz is a hodgepodge of all things health. Here are the topics we discuss and where you can go to take a closer look:

• Particulates in the air: Info Bonus: Here's the image of the poo particles flying out of a toilet as it flushes: Image/Article
• Stubborn belly fat: Info
• Most effective glute exercises: Info
• Broken heart syndrome: Info Bonus: Here's the story about the retired sheriff and his dog who die on the same day: Story
• The diet that lowers libido: Info


Ever wonder what you can do to slow the aging process? It seems like anti-aging is more about what you avoid (smoking, excessive drinking, eating poorly, losing sleep) than what you actively do for prevention. But one study shows that there's something you CAN do to slow the aging process. STUDY It has to do with taking EPA and DHA, which are the major nutrients in fish oil. We discuss how much is actually needed and how it affects telomere length.

It turns out, telomere length has a LOT to do with the aging process, but not a lot of people know what telomeres even are. This article breaks it down: Article
Chris briefly mentions the fish oil we take. Check it out HERE. We don't make a commission, but just wanted to share what we use.

Shugart Cart

I've got another fizzy water in my cart this week. It's from Spindrift and it has just a skosh of juice in it. Chris has an app in his cart this week. It's the Food Network cooking app and you can find it here: App