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Makes my walk fly by

This podcast is one of the very few that I have to listen to as soon as I see new episode has been dropped. Really love all the segments especially the quiz and and what is in their carts.

Great info, laughter and an overall breath of fresh air

I was first a reader of T-Nation, then a follower of both Dani and Chris on Instagram, which is how I discovered this podcast. I typically listen while I'm working out (apropos, I know). The conversations are always informative, often funny and refreshingly honest. Please keep them coming!


Real talk from REAL people! Love these guys! Have been a BIG fan of Chris' writing for a long time and now and a HUGE fan of Fitpants!

I've learned so much!

I read T Nation on Facebook so I was delighted to accidentally find this podcast. I listen while working out and driving. Always to the point and useful for learning more about health, training, and relationships. Love the sincerity and their banter, too.

Fun quick entertaining

Perfect podcast for a walk or car ride. They cover the newest topics/trends in the fitness business in a fun, entertaining and quick way. I’ve been reading their content for years on tnation and this is a fun addition. Lastly, I don’t listen to podcasts. They are too much talking for me and not eno…

Perfect duo to segue in podcasts

I’ve been reading Chris’s material fairly religiously for the last 15 years and he and Dani do not disappoint listeners with this show! From one aging FFB to another, well done Chris and thanks for the years of motivation with high end material with first class delivery !

Dynamic Duo of Fitness!

I have read Chris’ writing at TNation for years and have always enjoyed his style. The Fit Pants podcast is an extension of his writing and adding Dani to his life (personally and professionally) pu them both over the top! I enjoy every section of every episode.

Love these two!

Funny, informative, and personable from the print at straight to the microphone. Feel so privileged to hear Chris and Dani!

Love this podcast

I love these two. Makes me think and reflect on what my training program is doing for me! Keep it up! All of us need accountability.

Scintillating! 👂

The segments are simlutaneously educational and entertaining. I laughed out loud more than once. I listen while I meal prep a few day’s worth of green smoothies. Motivating. (If you’re into fitness and lifting – highly recommended.) —Dane, age 55

Well done

These two have great chemistry in their T-Nation musings and even greater charisma on the air. I enjoyed the episode , a smooth mix of advice, opinion, playful banter and humor. Best of luck to you both.

Organic (fit) Chemistry

I’ve been binge listening to this podcast for the past couple of weeks, and from the content I’ve heard I’m kicking my ass for not starting months ago! Chris and Dani do an exceptional job of providing relevant insight on some of the latest studies, products, wisdom, diets and overall health while…

Great information

Fun and interesting podcast. I love when they reference science studies but how hard is it to site the studies in the show notes or on the website? Are people supposed to just guess where you found the study?

Just found this - great show

I love T-Nation and the writings of Chris and Dani; I don't know how I missed this podcast until now. They have a great format filled with excellent information. I binged through all of the episodes I missed. Thanks for putting this out there.

Love this show!

Where have I been? I had no idea Dani & Chris had a podcast yet I’m soooo glad to have discovered it. I love the information they share and the fun they have while doing it. I’m bingeing on the episodes so hurry up and release more y’all! Love it!! Lisa

Fitness in Mind and Body

Dani and Chris do a great job mixing humor, fitness knowledge (both technical and personal) and their relationship into a relatable and helpful podcast.

Entertaining and Informative

Great podcast! Chris and Dani do an excellent job of communicating complex ideas in their simplest form. I learn stuff, laugh, and find it easy to stay engaged because of their individual personalities and chemistry with each other. I appreciate that they are not afraid to tackle controversial topi…

My favorite fitness podcast

This review is long overdue, but it’s also the first podcast review I’ve ever done. This has become my favorite fitness podcast because of its balance between helpful information without information overload. Both Chris and Danni are funny so it also strikes a balance of serious with light hearted …

Fitness and Humor

A lot of great information presented in a fun, lighthearted way. Worth the follow.

Funny and Informative

I love the no BS approach to busting or proving health and fitness theories. Entertaining to listen to love the way this husband and wife interact with one another.

I listen to this

Dani if you’re reading this leave Chris for me. Chris if you’re reading this 🤬

Saturday hanging around

This has become my Saturday favorite. Sit back with a cup of cappuccino a treat and enjoy this treat. These two make me laugh, think and question things. Very enjoyable podcast👍👍👍👍👍

Awesome Podcast


Love these two

As an avid T-nation follower/reader, I was excited to see that Dani and Chris came out with a podcast. I love getting a peak in to the lives and relationship of a fit couple. They are both so sweet and we can see that their dynamic is genuine. It isn’t strictly health and fitness facts, they put th…

Great Podcast

Looks like they hit the ground running when they started the podcast! I have been enjoying the episodes from the start. Podcast is perfect length for commute to work and offer a lot of good relatable information.

Not your boring fitness podcast

This is a quick, upbeat fitness podcast with plenty of opportunities for laughter. You won’t be bored and you won’t regret subscribing! Do it now!

Subscribe immediately!

This is podcast is awesome. Been a fan of T Nation since the beginning and a fan of Chris and Dani’s articles. So far each episode has been informative and entertaining presented in a concise format without useless fodder. Keep it up guys. Looking forward to many more episodes.

Fitness fun

Entertaining, informative dialogue from two experienced fitness pros. Relax and be a fly on the wall while Chris and Dani discuss things you care about if you’re a person who moves.

Obsessed with these two!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw these two rockstars were coming out with a podcast! Dani is one of the most kind-hearted, heart-centered individuals I know. These two know their stuff and I’m already LOVING these episodes!! Keep em’ coming guys! Xxo Kim Schaper :)

Top Dawg of fitness podcasts

I recently discovered this fitness power couple through their instagram page testosteronenation which is just as amazing and informative as their website. So it only made since that I subscribed to their brainer. I listened to the first episode on my way to work this morning and I was …

2 of the best!

In the fitness space, these two have been putting out great content for a long, long time. Looking forward to this new medium. PJ Striet

Sure to be a Hit!

I’ve followed Chris Shugart’s work for the best 2 decades starting with in the late 90s. He has added tremendous value in the areas of health, fitness, and nutrition. This Podcast pairing with his life-time partner Dani, who has etched her own dynamic path in the fitness world, …