Oct. 27, 2020

Power Abs, No-Diet Food Rules & The Ugly Science of Beauty

Power Abs, No-Diet Food Rules & The Ugly Science of Beauty

• What's the best solution if you struggle with workout consistency? Hear what ab-building program Dani is using to build, not just abs, but consistency.

• Who diets more: women with good looking husbands or men with good looking wives? Take this quiz on physical beauty and "very ugly" populations according to actual researchers!

• Will nutrition rules destroy your life... or lead to a lean, healthy body? We discuss a survey, a study on weight loss success, the nutrition rules that work best for us, and a controversial article from the Washington Post.

• What secret website can give you access to free research? Chris dishes on something we're not sure is completely above board.

• And what music streaming app do you need to download right now? Hint: You might already be subscribed to it without knowing.

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