June 22, 2021

Fitness Without Fanaticism & The Anti-Aging Snack

Fitness Without Fanaticism & The Anti-Aging Snack

How to get and stay fit without making it your entire life (because that's kind of sad), the food that'll slow the aging process, the best personality trait for job success, and the nearly-instant fix for depression.

On Our Minds

Does dropping unhealthy habits and getting fit require a level of obsessiveness? We discuss this idea because changing your lifestyle can feel like a hurdle; one that requires constant diligence. Chris shares his solution to fitness without long-term fixation. But we're open to hearing other ideas for making fitness sustainable without making it cult-like and obsessive.


1. DHA and Tumors: STUDY
2. Depression and Laughing Gas: STUDY
3. Hidden Kinks: ARTICLE
4. Best Character Traits: ARTICLE
5. First Sign of Burn-Out: ARTICLE
Bonus Note: We take a product called Flameout, which contains DHA, the essential fatty acid we discussed in the first question. Disclaimer: The company we work for makes it, but we don't make a commission by telling you about it. Get it here.


If telomere length and health affects the rate at which we age, wouldn't it be a good idea to make sure those are well maintained? You already know about the lifestyle habits that'll help you do so (adequate exercise, avoiding drug and alcohol addictions, getting sleep, tamping down inflammation) and luckily there are foods that'll help keep those telomeres healthy too. Here's a study on the one we talked about: STUDY

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