July 20, 2021

A Mostly-Legal Athletic Drug & How to Skip Leg Day the Right Way

A Mostly-Legal Athletic Drug & How to Skip Leg Day the Right Way

Train only half your body and still make gains, the banned performance-enhancing drug you can buy at Target, and how to lose fat without changing your diet.

On Our Minds
Ever have an injury that forced you to stop training a huge portion of muscle groups? We get into the benefits of only training upper body. Obviously you don't want to do this on purpose, but if you must, there are some perks. We also discuss the Muscle Migration Theory that Coach Christian Thibaudeau presented in an article on T-Nation.com.

Here are the topics we covered if you want to check out the science for yourself:
The Main Cause Of Running Injuries 
Keto and Tumors
Multi-Orgasmic Women
A Clue To The Status of Your Marriage
Vinegar and Fat Loss

And here's a quick look at the Q-angle we discussed.

A CrossFit team was disqualified from The Games recently because of a positive drug test. You can read about the athlete HERE. Any guesses what kind of "drug" she was on?
It's called DHEA: a totally legal, anti-aging supplement we've recommended before on this very podcast. This stuff has quite a few health benefits for women, and based upon the current research, we still recommend it. Read more about it in this article: A Wonder Drug for Women.

Don't you think these drug tests are a little silly? We do. Why? Because there are plenty of pro athletes – not just in CrossFit but in lots of sports – who've hired drug coaches to help them beat their drug tests.

Don't believe it? Read this article: Beating The CrossFit Drug Test
We're not condoning steroid use. We're just saying that lots of athletes get away with using far more effective performance enhancing "products" than the DHEA this poor woman was taking for mood and stress.  Why can't some common sense be applied here?

We also talk about how CrossFit goes by the same rules set by the international Olympic Committee (IOC). And the IOC is currently allowing biological males to compete against women.  See the irony here? You can't use a supplement from Target, but you can have a lifetime of male hormones and other biological advantages. I wrote about this debacle here: The Death of Women's Sports. If you're a misogynistic male athlete and you're sick of losing, just become a woman!

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