Fit Pants

Fit Pants

Hear the lighter side of fitness, marriage, food, and sex.

Drop the fat pants and join us – fitness writers Chris and Dani Shugart – for a variety show.

• Get the latest research.
• Play a game.
• Check out our weird discoveries.
• And find out what to grab at the store.

We've got a combined 25 years of editing and interviewing the experts (doctors, coaches, and nutrition specialists) and have written some of the highest-read fitness-related articles on the internet.

Recent Episodes

A Legal Pill That Prevents Fat Regain & How To Appear 50% More Attractive

Sept. 7, 2021

A nutrient to prevent yo-yo dieting, an ingredient that causes impulsivity, the trick for becoming more attractive, and when to shift your goal away (!!) from muscle growth.

A New Reason To Take Creatine & The Science of Jacked Women

Aug. 24, 2021

On Our Minds There's a trick to get yourself excited for any workout: do your favorite thing first. My favorite thing (Dani here) accidentally grew my traps seemingly in a matter of days. And if you’re also a fan of my favor…

Weight Loss Gambling & Unhealthy Government Tyranny

Aug. 10, 2021

How to win money through weight loss, the drug that reduces body fat, the number one cause of death, government overreach, PDA, pick-up artists, and the exercise that lowers testosterone.

A Mostly-Legal Athletic Drug & How to Skip Leg Day the Right Way

July 20, 2021

Train only half your body and still make gains, the banned performance-enhancing drug you can buy at Target, and how to lose fat without changing your diet.

The New Rule for Advanced Lifters & The Fitness Teeter Totter

July 6, 2021

Why working out every other day has massive advantages, the problem with virtue signaling, how to choose your trade-offs for a fit – but not restrictive – life, and what your social media says about your relationship commitm…

Fitness Without Fanaticism & The Anti-Aging Snack

June 22, 2021

How to get and stay fit without making it your entire life (because that's kind of sad), the food that'll slow the aging process, the best personality trait for job success, and the nearly-instant fix for depression. On Our …